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freshman, reggie moore. and coach ken bone, he's changed his philosophy. >> barry: he has the i thinkest team in the league. have no doubt ken bones will get it going up there. >> don: freshman with the oregon ducks. and jeremy jacob and his team has been better since jeremy jacob has moved into the starting lineup. tajuan porter and malcolm armstead will play the gord. ernie kemp has been under siege but we said, and it's the truth, if confidence wins then they'll win. >> barry: he's a victim of his own success. you hear about the rumors, he had so much success in oregon. they were 2-16 last year and 7-11 this year, he's the one that raised the expectations by getting his team not only to win in this getting into the ncaa tournament. >> barry: here's a pacific life pac-10 game matchup. >> reggie moore terrific freshman. the only starting point guard in the conference pl malcolm armstead started the most games and played the most minutes for oregon. this is a really good matchup with armstead and moore. moore will help his team a lot if he could take the pressure off of klay thompson. >>
of searching, the massive manhunt for a suspect terence moore ended right here in the parking lot of this apartment complex. someone saw the suspect on television and called police. just before 8:00 p.m., d.c. police officers converged n an apartment building on wheeler road southeast. investigators found department of corrections escapee terence moore hiding under a blanket in an abandoned car. >> we received the call and regarding an individual who was observed on tv. the individual by the name of terence moore, supposed to be inside the vehicle. the units responded here and they apprehended him without incident. >> reporter: it was around 8:30 thursday morning when moore was being transported to the hospital by officers with the corrections corporation of america. somehow he managed to get out of his handcuffs and shackles. when they opened the back of the van, moore kicked the door into the four officers and ran. the u.s. attorney's office says moore was awaiting sentencing on a federal drug charge and was looking at a mandatory minimum of ten years. he was also awaiting trial
is terence owen moore. she 28 years old. moore was in custody for an assault on a police officer last may. they were taking him to greater southeast hospital this morning for a checkup. when they arrived, officers say he busted out of the back of the corrections vehicle and fled on foot. they have not been able to tell us how he managed to get out of hand cuffs and his shackles but they do not belief he is wearing them now. he was wearing a red prisonnen jump suit when they last saw him and he has a green cast on his left arm. right here at the corner of wheeler avenue and valley road. this is the command center. they are stopping every vehicle that comes through. they are handing out a flier and telling people to be on alert for moore, who's considered extremely dangerous. the last few minutes we have seen that mounted dc police officers have also joined the manhunt. that's the latest from here. j.c., we will stay on top of it and get back to you if there are any new developments. >> thank you very much. >>> we want to give you more information and another look at terrence moore. he is d
. he had a key and that question now where did he get it? >> reporter: when terrence moore was sleeping in the car, he was not giving up without a fight. he tried to grab an officer's gun and in the struggle was injured. after being transported to howard university hospital, officers began searching more for a key. he swallowed it. a simple x ray confirmed it was lodged in his wind pipe. whn he was recaptured, he was dressed in civilian clothes and in possession of a cell phone and he believe that he may have had some help on the outside with those items. >> it sounds like it was an inside connection. which, of course, those folks should be fired. and it means we investigated and figured out where the weaknesses are in the system that is going to happen. >> reporter: terrence moore is being held in the correctional stream facility, an annex and housing prisoners. considered a medium to minimum security facility. run by the corrections corporation of america. the u.s. attorney's office said moore was there because he had agreed to cooperate in a drug case and backed out. even moore's mot
are now looking at the possibility that suspect had help from the inside. and we've learned terence moore, the name of the suspect, had a handcuffed key and a cell phone when he was recaptured by d.c. police only 12 hours after getting away. fox 5's paul wagner has our exclusive. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say when terence moore was found sleeping in a car not far from where he was last seen, he wasn't giving up without a fight. sources say he tried to grab an officer's gun and in the struggle was injured. after being transported to howard university hospital, officers began searching moore for a key. as they looked in moore's mouth, he swallowed it, a simple x-ray confirmed it was lodged in his windpipe. law enforcement sources say when moore was recaptured, he was dressed n civilian clothes and was in possession of a cell phone. investigators believe he may have had some help on the outside with those items but the key is another matter entirely. >> in this casit sounds like there was some inside work -- inside connections which of course those folks should be fired. and but i
doing some good. find out how demi moore and nia's twitter accounts likely stopped a teenager from killing himself. >>> you know, this is something i'm really personally interested in. a lot of people saying ey simply don't have enough time to exercise. confess, i'm one of them, as well. well, that excuse is gone now. that could be gone. new research out there says if you can exercise less and still get just as fit. may sound a bit gimmicky. the key to all of this is something known as h.i.t., high interval training. what researchers found is just 20 minutes of high-intensity exercising burns more calories, builds mre muscle than someone who jogs leisurely for an ur. you exercise very intensely for a minute, take a break for a minute, exercise for a minute, exercise for a minute, take a break for a mute and so on and so forth for about 20 minutes. high intenty minutes. get ten minutes of that hard exercise at the end, ten minutes of a little bit more rest. and here's what they found. here's w it'important. first of all your heart rate. while it does drop during those rest periods d
moore of capitalism, a love story on why you have to care about this, and whether congress is capable of real reform. judicial activist, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas starts her own tea party type lobbying firm, a firm that can spend up limited money on campaigns, thanks to her husband and four others on the supreme court. we'll examine the conflict of interest with constitutional law expert jonathan turly. all that and more now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. i'm lawrence o'donnell in for keith olbermann. over the past months, all of you have joined us in getting to know him and his struggles through his son. he was an architect, baseball fan, devoted husband, proud father, and grandfather. and now it falls to me to report that on saturday afternoon, theodore olbermann died with his children at his side. his son keith reading from his father's favorite short stories. for months now, as you all know, keith has been reading and holding vigil as his father's bedside. he has done more than what parents expect of their children in these situations, much
, michael moore in his first prime time interview since calling the health care reform bill horrible, a joke, arguing that tens of thousands will still die. what's he saying now? only hours away from it's being signed into law enforcement plus, the man interrupted by the words baby killer. >> baby killer! >> representative bart stupac is here. did the anti-abortion democrat forever alienate some in the anti-abortion community by voting yes on the bill? >> both sides will do well to remember the dignity of the house. >> next on "larry king live." >>> good evening, i'm wolf blitzer sitting in for larry. michael moore is with us. he is the oscar and emmy award winning documentary director films include "capitalism: a love story." he is an activist, best-selling author and good guest here on "larry king live." michael, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on, wolf. happy birthday to you. >> thank you very much. all the web universe news. >> the whole world now knows. >> we've been celebrating all day. and if i am correct, you're just three years away from being able to take part in tha
moore is a prison escapee at is potentially very dangerous. sam ford come alive in southeast washington with more on these breaking the kells. quite a story here. >> indeed. we are right now at the intersections here of wheeler and valley rd. se, not far from the greater southeast hospital where this all started. we understand around 8:50 this morning. right now there is a massive manhunt underway in this neighborhood, looking for this individual. according to authorities, it started about 10 minutes to 9:00 at greater southeast hospital. this inmate had been brought from the correctional treatment facility next to the d.c. jail, run by the private company correctional corp. of america. they were taken to greater southeast hospital. when they open the doors to the vehicle, he fled the vehicle, had gotten out of his restraints, fled the vehicle, then jumped into a burgundy colored cadillac driven by another individual, and they fled the parking lot of greater southeast hospital. ever since then, police have been on the street in this neighborhood, door-to-door, combing the woods with dog
. that command post has been relinquished and police are now lookings through the area for terrence moore last seen here at 8:30 this morning and he was brought here by corrects officer, coming here for some medical treatment at the u noted medical center and he was last seen in a red jumpsuit and bandage on his arm. his mother is pleading for him to turn himself in terrence moore is a rabbit, always running from police. that is what his mothered as she pleaded with him to give himself up. she said she's terribly worried it's not going to end well. >> that is what i'm going to try to do and talk him down. >> reporter: d.c. police say when officers with the corrections corporation of america opened the back of the van outside of the united medical center in southeast, moore used his feet to push the cores into the oicers nd took off -- doors into the officers and took off. the son has always run from police, she said. >> reporter: he has a desperate wish to end it. he would rathernd it than to spend time behind bars. >> reporter: working on a mandatory minimum of 10 years and he was a waiting t
an escaped d.c. prisoner who has been on the loose for eight hours. police say 28-year-old terrance moore was able to escape while he was being taken to aospital for treatment. now his mother is making a plea to her son. news4's pat collins is at the scene of the escape. pat? >> wendy, a mother take makes for her son to turn himself in. she says she doesn't want this manhunt to come to a deadly end. >> reporter: plea . >> call me. call your mother so i can bring you back in safely. i want you to be alive and well and safe. i don't want them to kill you. >> reporter: the escapee, 28-year-old terrance owen moore facing big prison time. he already has a federal drug conviction. and he has another trial set. charges of assaulting a cop. he got in a shootout with police last year. the break-out. they say moore escaped from this transport van this morning after he was taken to the united medical center. he has an injured arm. they say moore was handcuffed and shackled when he left, but when the van got to the hospital, they say the restraints were off and so was moore. the van's back door kick
in four years. >>> actresses demi moore and nia vardolas are credited with saving a li. they responded with a young man threatening to hang himself in a front yard in florida. two other people also reported the threat on twitter, and they called florida authorities. >> i saw it on demi moore's page, because i follow her. it's not that complicated bt it sounds like it is. she responds and says, are you serious? and he says yes. >> we're very grateful that the people followe on twitter picked up the phone. in this case it very well could have saved his life. >> the teen's mther told police her son has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. he's now in protective custody. and this morning, vardalos yes, am a little shaken. just wantto say thank you twitter for carries about a stranger in flala last night. >>> police are on the lookout for a real-life cookie monster. a surveillance camera caught him swiping money from a girl scout. yeah, as you can imagine, the poor girl was terrified. >> shaky, i didn't really sleep last night. his head is in my mind. i started to pack up my cookies, i bent do
. >>> congressman bart stupak and filmmaker michael moore have one critical thing in common. the latest news on mr. stupak's quest to hijack health reform and our live visit with mr. moore here in studio are both just ahead. congressman barney frank will also be here this hour. that's all coming up. but we begin tonight with something brand-new and not before reported on why health reform passing is a more likely prospect than most of us have been led to believe. the in-the-know beltway insider common wisdom right now about whether or not reform is going to pass, holds that bart stupak of michigan is a big problem for the bill's chances. bart stupak is the democrat in the house who was trying to make himself famous by threatening to kill health reform over the issue of abortion. >> we do not want our taxpayer dollars going to fund abortion. so we're just sticking to this principle. >> mr. stupak has been engaged in an effort that is as high-profile as he can possibly make it to hijack health reform. to hijack the whole health care reform debate, to turn it into an abortion debate. that effort has
. nearly a perfect first half played tuesday night against temple. maya moore lays it in. uconn up early. it would get much worse. tina charles down low. working it. work, girl. uconn up ten. later in the first, moore again from the corner. splash. and then, uconn up 42-11. i said it right. moore inside. uconn wins 90-36. they won their first two tournament games by 110 points. to the nba, nuggets/knicks. word came out of denver on tuesday night. george karl could miss the rest of the season, due to recovering from cancer. j.r. smith, keeping the nuggets close, within one. under 30 seconds to go. how about toney douglas. the stepback. he's been playing very well. knicks win at home. gallinari tossed in 28 for new york. >>> clippers/mavs. mavericks have won 10 of their last 11 against the clip show. watch this here. watch dirk. he gets pushed by drew gooden. he just slaps him. dirk not pleased. official, bill kennedy, he would get an earful. there's one. there's -- dirk's night would be over in the third quarter. 18 points, 19 minutes, before he left. but the mavericks start the fourth on
yesterday afternoon is back in custody. police arrested terence moore near wheeler road and tenth place southeast around 7:00 last night. moore had escaped while contractors with corrections corporation of america were transporting him to the hospital. moore was being held for trying to kill a police officer during a barricade situation and shootout in may of last year. >>> still to come when 9 news now returns, lost fortunes. see what happens when a truck load of lottery tickets goes up in flames. >>> and world war ii veterans are honored by lawmakers and members of hollywood. we'll be right back. [ woman ] with my diabetes... i make my efforts count... so i switched to the freestyle promise® program... a unique program that gives me... the support i need, free. free access to a certified diabetes educator... so i can ask about diet and the insulin i use. i got a free meter. and test strip discounts. so i can spend more on what i really want. i count on the freestyle promise® program. make it count for you! only the freestyle program gives you discounts, support, and more. enroll tod
? >> reporter: after the shooting cousins billy moore and omar dixon were taken into custody charged with murder and attempted robbery. moore was later sentenced to 40 years for pulling the trigger and dixon 30 years as his accomplice. on the day that benji died his simeon teammates decided to play their first game of the season without no. 25. earlier in the day students sobbed at simeon simply overwhelmed with grief, but benji's mother stood tall in the gymnasium. >> so today i speak in love of all of you who keep benji's memory and dignity and be strength v and strength and love alive -- strength and love alive. >> reporter: the wake was held on the gymnasium floor and 8,000 people came to see benji lying in his no. 25 jersey. the line stretched blocks outside of the school, mourners waited seven hours. >> i still have dreams about him like, you know, he came back and he was able to play again, but just dreams. >> sometimes i sit down and, you know, when i'm going through things, you know, i speak, you know, just like i would to my grandparents, you know. hey, benji, how you doing, that type
. -- howard university hospital with more. >> terence moore was are arriving at greater southeast for a hand injury when he broke free. a resident spotted him hiding out in a southeast neighborhood and they are trying to figure out how he got a car and cell phone. after being on the run much of the day, this d.c. inmate is being treated at howard university hospital. and it surprises me there was a fugitive here. >> this student is nervous because terrence mou were already escaped while being transported to another hospital -- parents moore already escaped while being transported to a day now the hospital. he was so competitive, it took 15 to 20 officers to restrain him. >> i hate to see anybody get hurt. >> the intense search went on at for hours. the private company in charge of transporting inmates insists he had restraints when he left the jail and was placed in this van. somehow he got out. his mother does not understand how. >> procedures were not followed. how does a person who shackled hand and feet over power and get out of the truck? >> the question that detectives are trying to an
. investigators found department of corrections escapee terence moore hiding under a blanket in an abandoned car. >> we received the call and regarding an individual who was observed on tv, the individual by the name of terence moore, supposed to be inside the vehicle. the units responded her and they apprehended him -- responded here and they apprehended him without incident. >> reporter: it was around 8:30 thursday morning when moore was being transported to the hospital by officers. somehow he managed to get out of his handcuffs and shack hims. when they -- shackles. when they opened the back of the door, he kicked the door into the four officers and ran. >> i know terence. i know t.j. at any given chance, i know he's going t run. this is his makeup all his life. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office says moore was awaiting sentencing on a federal drug charge and was looking at a mandatory minimum of ten years. he was also awaiting trial for assault on a police officer while armed. >> i'm very worried because he's been shot five times. the last time back in may. >> reporter: court records s
to getting the bill passed. brian moore has the story from washington. >> president obama rallied house democrats on the eve of the climactic vote on health care reform. >> do not do it for me. do not do it for the democratic party. do it for the american people. [applause] they're the ones looking for action right now. >> senate democrats delivered a pledge that could tip the balance. they will go along with changes demanded by the house. >> i have the commitment of a significant majority of the senate to make that the law even better. >> there was last minute activity as house democrats said the rules for a final vote on sunday. the controversial strategy would have avoided a straight up or down vote. >> we believe we have the votes. >> they need to hundred 16 votes to pass the bill. it will be closed. republicans want to keep it that way. >> i want to make sure we're doing everything we can do to make sure that this bill never becomes law. >> outside the capital, thousands of health care opponents held an 11th hour rally. >> i just cannot afford any more. >> the fight is now heading
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report you will see how robert moore of itn was in the courtroom and got close to karadzic as he recounted his defense. >> reporter: they were outside demanding justice from the international court. the grieving mothers braced to hear the arguments of the man they hold directly responsible fothe loss they suffered. radovan karadzictands accused of genocide and of authorizing the worst massacre in europe since 1945. yet we have never heard his full defense. until now. he claimed before the court that he was simply responding to muslim provocation and western diplomatic blunders. >> translator: i will defend that nation of ours and their cause, which is just and holy. and in that way, i shall be able to defend myself too. and my nation. >> reporter: for so long, karadzic escaped justice. heavily disguised and living in the serb capital belgrade. but he was finally tracked down and captured. and now he must try and defend his conduct in a war that's shocked and shamed europe. >> translator: they were filming free people. >> reporter: karadzic lashed out at the journalism of itv news
-pointer and had 18 in kansas state and led by one. butler up by 2 and moore drives with the lay-in. the bulldogs up by 4 and feeling good. with over a minute left and butler saves the ball, 63-56, the bulldogs advance to the final four the first time in history and get this, they get a bonus. they will play in the town of indianapolis. >>> time for a quick break. when we return, d.c. united opens the season on the road. we'll be right back with the highlights or low lights after. this ♪ hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 calories per serving. multigrain cheerios. try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite. >> welcome back. it's truly a small world we live in. the assistant made his debut as the united's head coach a
moore from the "wall street journal" editorial board. he's done a lot of work on this. steve moore, i think jane is right. california had a great system. a lot of the great technology advances came from their great system. but steve moore, when you look at the reports on this, once again, the government unions exorbitant cost of pensions and salaries is selling out the california education system. what is your thought? >> yeah, you know, larry, this circles around to what you were talking to mitch mcconnell about. by the way, it's not just the outrageous pay. it's clear that public employees at california are paid much more than private sector workers, but where the big difference is, larry, is in the health benefits, the vacation benefits, the pension benefits that are just outrageously attractive and expensive. so you've got people, public employees, who work to the age of 52, 53, 54 who are retiring with pensions -- what they do is they work a lot of overtime their last couple of years and get $70,000, $80,000, $90,000 a year pension for 30 years. this is why california cannot bala
to the o'reilly factor, already in progress. >> bill: let's get on to michael moore because this plays into the democratic party. michael moore, crazy left wing guy, he didn't like the democratic party anymore. roll the tape. >> they are bunch of whisses. they wouldn't stand and fight. you have to grab the republicans on some level in what they believe in. when they win, they win. they come in with guns waving. our side, we're like, i guess we have to give everybody health care. it's embarrassing and disgusting and i'm sick of them. >> bill: so moore represents the fringe left who thinks the democrats are too reasonable. they are not left wing enough. >> david is the successful campaign manager for president obama to fix things. >> bill: by showing more that drives obama, shows more moderate. >> and another thing they show, matt damon, he is very disappointing disappointed. >> bill: he is like michael moore. they want the cuban health care system. this isn't a joke. they want the cuban health care system? >> yes. if we could have that all things would be right. >> bill: and if you are
to, quote, provoke us and divide us from our brothers. and finally filmmaker michael moore is asking president obama for a job. moore writes in an open letter on his web site that he would like to replace chief of staff rahm emanuel in order to help push the president's agenda through congress. moore says he is willing to work for a dollar a year and sleep on a cot in the white house basement. moore also pledged to do 100 jumping jacks each morning with the president like to see that while mr. obama repeats after him, quote, the american people elected me, not the republicans, to run the country. i am in charge. if the american people don't like what i'm doing, they can throw my blank out in 2012. then moore says the two could run up to capitol hill in sweats and, quote, take names and kick butts. quite an image. media in the netherlands are reporting a dutch politician who is charged with hate speech against muslims says he will take a seat on the local council in the city of hay. it's just the latest political victory for a man who inspires fierce emotions and as correspondent greg
. moore? >> i'd be happy to yield some time to mr. moore and then following to -- mr. yarmouth first, i'm sorry. >> i just want to be brief. this is a very peculiar issue in a way because it is an issue only about an issue and not about substance. we agree on the goal. we agree on the pact that no federal money should be used to finance abortions. we have a strange issue in that the logic behind the stupak amendment, and many of us have talked to him about it, is that somehow the fung ability of money means if anybody buys insurance with -- into a pool with tax dollar subsidy, then even if somebody pays for an insurance policy with their own money from the same pool, that somehow that means taxpayers are paying for abortion insurance. that would be the same way of saying that if any hospital performed an abortion that no hospital could receive federal funds, even a catholic hospital that didn't do it, because they're being paid out of the seam pool of money. the logic just doesn't hold up and the extension of the logic is ludicrous. i thank me colleague for the word. what we have here i
5 on-timetraffic. --- approaching the potomac. >>> someone saw terrence moore on tv. officers checked it out and found moore hiding in southeast under a blanket in an abandoned car on wheeler road. it started yesterday mrning as officers escorted wheeler to the hospital. he got out of shockels and cuffs and took off. his own mother is not surprised. >> i know terrence. i know tj. i know at any given chance, i know he is going to run. this is his make-up all his life. he is depressed. and effect else. you know, he has a mental condition and he has no business at the d.c. jail. he needed to be over at s t. elizabeth's. >>> our big story this morning, the d.c. fire department will object the hot seat at i a public hearing today. this after recent reports of medics not giving patient the proper treatment when responding to 911 calls. fox 5's stacy cohan joins us live from the wilsoning about in northwest d.c -- from the wilson building in northwest d.c. >> there is one particular case that sparked this hearing. this will include many members of the public testifying about their tr
to what she just heard. i'm sure she has a different story. also to an amazing statement by michael moore. then, medical marijuana for fifth graders? megyn kelly is investigating upcoming. we all know haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. tens of thousands of haitians have died, and that number is rising. we don't have time to sit around and talk about what we can do to help. you can help by donating today. >> bill: continuing now with our lead story the cost of obama care. what is true and what is propaganda. with us fox news analyst and radio talk show star laura ingraham. look, those guys really believe what they are saying. they are not out there. they are pulling their parties' water but the republicans do the same thing. they really believe it and obama really believes it. look, it's going to save money. i don't believe it. just based because i know how the government works and i know this is not going to be a trillion. it's probably going to be 4 or 5. i don't believe it, but they do. >> who cares whether they believe it. >> bill: well, they are going to pass it they got the m
country? stephen moore is the editorial writer of the "wall street journal." benjamin barber is a senior fellow at demos. let me start with you stephen moore. you think that a rising tide lifts all boats, that it is a good thing that we are creating wealth again in this economy. >> yeah. it's sure important that we get this stock market turned around, and it has turned around, as you said. most of the markets are up 60%. that's really important, christine, because remember, over half of all americans own stock directly and another 20% or so own stock through their 401(k) plans and their retirement plans. so a rising stock market is good for all americans. you correctly pointed out that we have seen an increase in millionaires in 2009, but remember in 2008, we saw about a 30% decline in the people who had million dollar incomes. so i think the fact that we've got more wealthy people is a good thing, but the problem is the one that you pointed out, that for middle class and lower income people, they're not seeing jobs. they're not seeing a rise in their income right now. >> benjamin, an in
serious selling to do. news4's brian moore joins us from capitol hill with more. >> reporter: this is an achievement that has eluded every president for the last century. but the question for president obama is at what political price. the health care reform bill arrived at the white house, with little fanfare, but it won't leave that way. in a few hours, the president and his party will celebrate an extraordinary political victory and try again to sell it to a skeptical public. while a group of medical professionals cleared the bill's passage, several state attorneys general are ready to fight it on constitutional grounds. >> it goes far beyond an unfunded mandate it would literally cost the state of florida alone billions of dollars. >> the yeahs are 219, the nays are 212. >> reporter: a house divided passed the bill sunday with three votes to spare. this week, senate democrats get to work on a package of fixes to the bill they passed. senate majority leader harry reid promised he has the 51 votes needed to get it passed. >> what the budget process is all about is simply ma
the terence owen moore is back in custody tonight. police arrested him 7:00 last night. he had escaped while contractors with corrections corporation of america were transporting him to the hospital. moore was held for trying to kill a police officer last year. >>> ahead, a mission of mercy across northern virginia and it comes in the form of free dental care. >>> toyota just can't catch a break. the latest round of problems the company is tackling. we are back in less than two minutes on this friday night. >>> a man who grew up in the u.s. is now in custody in yemen. sharif mobley is suspected of having ties to al-qaeda. before he was rounded up sharif mobley was a laborer at five nuclear power plant complexes in maryland, new jersey and pennsylvania. he is said to be linked to the same branch of al-qaeda behind the failed christmas day bombing plot. he has been on the fed's radar for months. >> i didn't expect it out of him. it is not like he had signs of being a violent kid or anything. he was more of a happy go lucky. >> reporter: what happened? officials say sharif mobley may have bee
ago by a vote of 219-212. last-minute changes made it happen. brian moore joins us live from capitol hill. >> reporter: thanks. the health care bill passed just a few minutes ago. and right now, we are going to take you live to washington, d.c. here on the house floor, democrats are trying to hold off one last attempt by republicans to kill that bill that just passed and send it back to a committee for another vote, effectively kill it. but the vote, 219-212 in favor of the health care bill, means that bill will be, barring unforeseen circumstances, headed to president obama's desk for a signature. the bill passed by a margin of just three votes. history in the u.s. house. democrats passed a landmark health care reform bill they are comparing to medicare and social security. >> after a year of debate and hearings of calls of millions of americans, we have come to this historic moment. >> can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors, hidden from the people? hell no, you can't. >> reporter: it is a huge vict
police officer. 28-year-old, terrance moore, busted out of this transport hospital this morning and fled on foot. no one from the corrections corporation of america, the contractor hired to make these trips with the inmates, could explain how he managed to get out of handcuffs and shackles. >> we understand that's his policy and that's the one thing we're looking into and the corporations we're looking into. >> reporter: moore is extremely dangerous. being held for trying to kill a police officer during a barricade situation and shootout in may. and his mother, urging him to turn himself in before he winds up dead. >> and t.j., please call me. call your mother so i can bring you back in safely. >> reporter: i'm alex trevino in annapolis maryland, where family and key legislatures are pushing for tougher wreckless driving laws. six years ago, harry was riding a motorcycle over the american legion bridge. but he never made it home. he was struck and killed by the driver of an 18-wheeler. >> there is not a day that goes by that i'm not thinking about my husband, that i don't miss him. >> re
weekend reports jewel an moore may be headed back to her roots to as the world turns. moore, who got her start in 1985, by playing half sisters is negotiating to take part in the show's series finale in september. as a huge fan of the show, i sure you're so excited. >> the only show i've followed that long is the simpsons. >> sure, todd. >> as the world turns, yeah. >> all right, all right. fair enough. >>> this comes to us from ktuu tv channel # 2 in anchorage, alaska, where folks are carrying on the olympic spirit in their own very unique way. you've heard of running with the bulls. replace them with reindeer and you get one of the favorite festivities. a $20 fee and dress up and hoof it with a dozen reindeer. sure, you may get pricked by an antler or two but it's all good since proceeds go to charity. that looks save safer than running with the bulls. >> the animals are lighter, not quite as angry. we'll take that. >> exactly. >>> 4:54. 38 degrees. that is earth a spotlight a-streetlight or a beautiful full moon out there this morning. we do have a full moon out there this morning. lo
together. brian moore has the latest from washington. >> and early morning medical check up and a clean bill of health for president obama. but the prognosis for his health care reform plan isn't quite as positive. this week he is unveiling a last ditch plan to keep it alive. >> we are going to move forward or start over. is that code for let's not do anything? i don't think that is what the american public wants. >> republicans say they want congress to start over. >> so this is really the democratic majority in an arrogant way saying we are smarter than you are. we are going to give this to you whether you want it or not. >> democrats can win this maneuver without a single g.o.p. vote. >> let me say this. the bill can be bipartisan even though the vote may not bipartisan. >> they have to convince members of their own party to risk the rath of voters in this election year. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> a new city ordinance designed to protect you and your family goes into effect tomorrow. as of march 1, baltimore city officials will require carbon monoxide detectors to to be in
, moore exchanged gunfire with police and was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> i would just want to reach out to him to turn himself in. donna ward told us that, after she left the 8-year-old with her father, she went back to the apartment and called her mother. >> she said to hang up and call 911. >> floyd pulled the child out of the front seat. the police arrived and pulled the man out of the back seat and it was over. >> i am really relieved. i have to thank everyone and the police department. >> she also thanked the police chief. >> she gave me some suggestions and that followed through on them. >> i have to give his family credit. i know that his mom pleaded with him to turn himself and appeared community members were put to get him into custody. this is a person who is extremely violent. >> that she said that police still have many questions. they're looking at the guards. the spokesman r the corporation of america that hired the guards said that they are still at work and none are on administrative leave. as for parents more, he is currently in the hospital for treatment.
profugo de la carcel, alta mente peligroso.. terrence moore, de 28 años, se escapo al llegar al hospital dc southeast, alrededor de las 9-de esta manana... luego que los oficiales abrieron las puertas del vehiculo en el que lo transportaban, el sujeto escapo en un vehiculo cadillac color vino con placas de dc- numero cx-36-23, que lo esperaba con un conductor deonocido... moore es coiderado altamente peligroso y enfrenta cargos por intento de asesinato... si usd lo ha visto llame al numero de emergencia 9-11 indiatamente.. funcionariodel metro indicaron que un error humano pudo haber sido el responsable de que un tren de la linea roja, que trasladaba a dos operadores se descarrilara el miercoles las revelo el tren corrio en un entrelace de las vias con unsenal roja el percance noprovoco ninguna interrupcion en el servicio a los clientes... ... el gobierno ayudara a las personas afectadas por la cris economica en las declaracion de su impuesto... mas adelante todos los detalles.. yww?w;sçszÑ÷;nnnnnnnnnnnnnnns que estan enfrentando la sera crisis economica que persiste re
, police say that terrance moore busted out of the transport van behind greater southeast hospital at about 8:45 this morning and then fled on foot into this neighborhood. the 28-year-old is no stranger to police. being held for trying to kill the police officer back in may. he was shot five times after barricading himself in an apartment. and apparently he was on his way to the hospital for treatment of one of those injuries with when he made his daring escape. somehow, freeing himself from handcuffs and shackles. his mother has made a plea for him to turn himself in. >> i don't want them to kill you and that's what they will do. please, call me. so i can come and get you. >> we certainly want him back in custody as soon as possible. >> reporter: the 28-year-old is now stretching into his ninth hour and still no sign of the escapee. he was last seen in a red prison jump suit, a green cast on his right arm. now, police tell us that they have fanned out throughout the 7th different checking a number of places where terrance moore is known to frequent including his girlfriend's home and the n
for an escaped inmate is over. police arrested moore last night. he had escaped while contractors with corrections corporation of america were transporting him to the hospital. moore was being held for allegedly trying to kill a police officer during a barricade situation and shootout in may of last year. >>> new details this morning on the home invasion in a quiet townhouse community of lake ridge, virginia on thursday. the victim's husband says he was on the phone with his wife when two men burst in their home demanding drugs until they realized they were in the wrong place. it happened while the 88 29- year-old woman's three young children napped upstairs including her 3 week old newborn. >> she was shaking. obviously she was extremely distraught. >> i will be worrying all day long that something could happen to my wife and i won't be there to protect her. it's a horrible situation. >> reporter: the two men left allegedly stealing a laptop computer on their way out. >>> senate majority leader harry reed's wife is recovering in a hospital this morning. a semi truck struck the ba
people like michael moore. and these aren't hate speech people? stuart smally? love them? >> have you or i said michael moore shouldn't be allowed to make a movie or shouldn't allow owed to speak? never never. he believe in freedom of speech. george washington called it battlefield of ideas. >> bill: right. >> i and said ideas are poison. >> i do believe he should be deported. michael moore? >> can we exchange him for something? with putin? >> bill: not a good trade. not a good trade. glen beck, everybody. >> thank you. >> coming right back. tonight sarah palin, front and center. how much do you know about the governor? that is next. [ male announcer ] it's the difference between having to and wanting to. the craftsman rear propelled mower. easy to start. easy to walk. ♪ and with the industry's largest bag... easy to unload. moving lawn care forward. more innovation. more great values. craftsman. trust. in your hands. [ male announcer ] the cadillac laurel sales event. featuring the acclaimed cts sports sedan. a car & driver 10best for the third year in a row. ♪ with a direct inje
used his feet to push the door into the officers and took off. not a surprise to moore's mother who said her son's all run from the police. >> i know terrence and tj. at any given chance, i know he's going run. this is his makeup all of his life. >> reporter: moore was a waiting sentencing on a federal drug charge and was looking at a mandatory minimum of 10 years and he was also a waiting trial for assault on a police officer unarmed. >> i'm worried. he's been shot five times. the last time in may. >> court records show heas shot by police last may. there was an exchange of gun fire and that is why they considered him dangerous. >> he has various prior addresses and in other parts of the city and we don't know if it's -- if he has anyone happening -- helping him but we would ask anyone if they know the individual to give us a call and let us know where he is. >> reporter: d.c. police used officers on horseback to search the wooded area between mississippi and valley avenues. she hasn't heard from her son and thinks he will stay far away. >> we have known that any given chance. you
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